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Activity Schedules for Children with Autism

I have this book It is by McClannahan and Krantz. It has been years since I have read this book and I’m not sure why as it is an excellent book for teaching children with autism and very easy to follow. What you learn how to do is to teach your child how to do a few activities independently by following a schedule. We all follow schedule some are just more complicated than others. A students schedule might have pictures or written words. Your schedule or my schedule might be in a planner or maybe your cell phone. The book covers how to create the activity schedule and the materials you will need. It discusses how to teach your child and the various levels of prompting that is necessary and then how to fade the prompts.  You will learn about choosing the activity, sequencing the activities, data collection and so much more.   You might even end up with some free time while your child follows her activity schedule.

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