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Are you at the calaba 2012 conference?

Which presentations have you seen, any recomendations? So far I have really enjoyed Sean Surfas, and have come back to hear his second presentation. We are getting started late, a slight mix up in the start time and the presentation is up on his lap top. He will be presenting on Interventions for the Reduction of antisocial Behavior. Overall excellent presentation.

How technology is Changing the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. This presentation is coming across as a sales pitch. We are only half an hour through Im hoping it gets better. So far they have not spoken about ABA. It has taken an hour but finally this presentation has gotten a little better.

Finally my favorite presentation by far was by Stephanie Peterson.  I think this was because I walked away with something I could implement with the students I work with.  I already have a student who is now choosing work with a high quality reinforcer instead of no work with a lower quality reinforcer.

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